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 The inspiration behind Anaikka is architectural and industrial shapes.  In addition to that Anaikka is immensely influenced by metal, machinery, sci-fi, gadgetry,  technology, metallic installations and sometimes junkyards. Anaikka is rough around the edges with a hint of harshness.  Anaikka's muse is the confident, strong and independent woman who is ever experimental in her ways. The pieces are elaborate but easy to carry. They are designed to provide grand solutions to simple clothing! 




The collection embodies industrial surfaces with soft ruffles, gathers and feminine silhouettes. It also consists of metal embellishments which add an edge to the clothes for the modern women.  The aim was to achieve equilibrium between architectural shapes and vintage chic sensibility. Our whole “MATNRA” is to keep comfort right in sight when thinking fashion.  Anaikka is all about making a woman comfortable in her own skin yet fashionably experimental.

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